Welcome to my little bubble, where I share my random experiences and my opinions on different topics. I also plan to write reviews on K-dramas, anime, TV shows, music/music videos, etc. and anything else that catches my interest. I know there’s a lot of “random” stuff I’m planning to do with this blog, but that’s the mysterious part of life, you’ll never know what to expect! Basically this is going to be a fun, random, and in rare occasions ‘serious’ place to visit. There’s going to be grammatical errors, made up words, usage of emojis (because I am a visual and expressive person); I’m not going to always proofread and edit my posts as if I’m going to publish it in an academic journal because that’s not the “theme” of this blog. Anyway, I digressed from my intro… oh by the way my name is Chia, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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