Kdrama Review: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo **SPOILER ALERT**



It’s been FOREVER since I’ve updated this blog…SORRY! I’ve been super busy with work and school (Also, I’ve been trying to catch up on my kdramas). So the latest kdrama that I finished is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, with Nam Joo Hyuk (as Jung Joon Hyuk) and Lee Sung Kyung (as Kim Bok Joo). Also the super good-looking Lee Jae Yoon (as Jung Jae Yi). I’m going to be honest, at first I didn’t think I would like this drama as much as I did (I’m not really into high school/school-type kdramas). I seriously thought it was going to have similar “school love drama” stuff in it, but IT DIDN’T; however, it was super cheesy (which I don’t mind).


KBJ and JJH both attend the same university that focuses on sports. KBJ majors in weightlifting (which meant she has to eat a lot, have calluses on her hands, not as pretty as the gymnastics’ girls, stronger than the guys who are not on the weightlifting team, and MAY NOT BE ATTRACTIVE TO MOST GUYS, etc.).  So basically, since she’s a weightlifter her chances of getting a boyfriend is about maybe 10% or less? KBJ lacks confidence in her looks and charms.

JJH is the super handsome swimmer who’s the ace of the swim team, however, he suffers from a psychological trauma that prevents him from winning first place at his competitions and advancing to the national team.

When they were kids in elementary school, young-KBJ saved young-JJH from a terrible fall (one that almost killed him; he was super tiny when he was younger and super introvert while young-KBJ was chubby (her nickname is Chubs) and always cheerful). They weren’t really friends in elementary school, but young-JJH was super “thankful” towards young-KBJ for saving his life. However, young-JJH switched schools because his mother got remarried and left him with his uncle and aunt (JJY’s parents).

KBJ and JJH reunite in college and since realizing who KBJ was JJH starts teasing her (he calls her Chubs because she used to be chubby in elementary school). At first JJH thought of KBJ as a “friend” and he enjoys teasing her because of her temper. And then KBJ started to like JJY (JJH’s older brother/older cousin). JJH found out and tried to play cupid (he also helped KBJ hide her occupation from JJY since she’s super embarrassed about being a girl who is a weightlifter). Eventually, JJH starts developing feelings towards KBJ because he’s always around her, but you can say that he gets kind of “friend-zoned” by KBJ (she’s never dated before and guys don’t really show interest in her so she’s clueless that JJH was into her). As the story develops JJH confesses to KBJ, but of course I’m leaving out all the extra stuff (like JJH’s ex-girlfriend is a gymnastics girl and became KBJ’s roommate after she failed to get on the national team; also the school physician likes JJY for a longgggg time but he friend-zoned her too; and KBJ’s family situation; not to mention JJH’s roommate Jo Tae-Kwon-he’s super hot and is part of the drama’s comedy-relief….etc….).

The main conflict of this drama was KBJ trying to find herself and JJH trying to overcome his trauma so he can win first place at competitions. The main reason why I enjoyed this drama was because there was a balance of focusing on the struggles of the characters as well as the cheesy-ness of the lovers! The love stories in this drama was, in my opinion, INNOCENT LOVE.

All I have to say is that JJH is the “perfect boyfriend” he’s super cute, cheesy, takes care of KBJ even when they weren’t dating, he gets jealous of her, he’s not too controlling in the relationship, he’s charming, he’s handsome, he can swim, he’s nice, he’s always trying to cheer up KBJ, he is encouraging, HE ALWAYS BUYS KBJ FOOD, etc. The bromance in this drama was cute as well, but compared to other dramas it wasn’t as intense.

I also love the OST for this drama, it’s super cheerful and whenever I listen to it I’m happy. My favorite OST from this drama is From Now On by Kim Min Seung ——->LISTEN HERE!

Anyway, I’m going to conclude my blog here. Overall, this drama was super cute, the ending was cute too! Would I watch it again? Probably in 5 or 10 years, but I do have the OST on my replay list. Yes I know my review is all over the place!!! BUT IT’S OK BECAUSE THIS IS MY RANDOM BUBBLE!