Kdrama Review: Madame Antoine *spoil alert*

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Here’s another romantic comedy kdrama starring Han Ye Seul (as Go Hye Rim), Sung Joon (as Choi Soo Hyun),Hwang Seung Eon (as Go Yoo Rim), Lee Joo Hyung (as Won Ji Ho), Jung Jinwoon (as Choi Seung Chan), Jang Mi Hee (as Bae Mi Ran), and Byun Hee Bong (as Kim Moon Gon). This drama was 16 episodes; some themes/topics that was displayed in this drama included: psychology vs. fortune telling (intuition), divorce and how it can affect a child’s mental health, second chances, and how accepting/caring/love can be an effective tool in fixing/maintaining the human psyche.

This drama focuses mainly on Choi Soo Hyun’s obsession with proving that true love does not exist. Choi Soo Hyun is a well known psychotherapist, while Go Hye Rim is a famous fortune teller. Their businesses happen to have the same name, Madame Antoine (Hye Rim’s cafe and Soo Hyun’s clinic). The two main leads disliked each other at first site because their beliefs are totally different from one another. Due to his strong dislike for Hye Rim, Soo Hyun conducts the “love experiment” on Hye Rim. The full details of the experiment was kept a secret from Hye Rim, but over time she learned the details. The “love experiment” was also names Madame Antoine. Basically, Soo Hyun participated in the experiment in order to try to embarrass Hye Rim because final phase of the experiment was to get the woman to confess her feelings to the guy she really loved in the most ridiculous way (By hanging ribbons on a tree and confessing her feelings to her lover).  However, as any romantic kdrama plays out…Soo Hyun fell deeply in love with Hye Rim and this conflicted with his experiment since he became attached and emotionally involved with the “test subject.”

This kdrama was filled with “push-and-pull” issues. The storyline goes back and forth on how Hye Rim suspects Soo Hyun’s intentions of experimenting (or continuing the experiment) on her, but at the same time she cares/loves him enough to see the goodness in him (that is until she snaps, around episode 13-15).

There was also side stories involving Hye Rim’s younger sister, Yoo Rim, and the genius, youngster, Ji Ho. Their little love story started out as a deal that Yoo Rim will teach Ji Ho on how to flirt with Hye Rim and in return he allows her to film him for her documentary film protect. There love story was filled with ups and downs because Ji Ho was helping Soo Hyun, his mentor, with the Madame Antoine experiment, and eventually he spilled the beans about the experiment to Hye Rim and Yoo Rim.

Another side story involved Seung Chan and Mi Ran. Mi Ran was the former professor of Soo Hyun, and Seung Chan is Soo Hyun’s ex-baseball athlete, younger brother (…half brother). Mi Ran is suffering from thyroid cancer, and she has a bucket list that she is going through during her last few moments of life (she refuses to receive surgery and treatment because she doesn’t want to live a miserable life; she accepted the fact that she will die without the treatments and wanted to live her life to the fullest before she dies). She became interested in Seung Chan because he made her feel young again, however, she secretly admired him from afar because of the huge age gap (she could basically be his mother or aunt).

If it wasn’t for the psychological cases here and there, I wouldn’t have continued watching this kdrama. I also wanted to find out why Soo Hyun was so obsessed with the idea that true love isn’t real (it turns out that his mother abandoned him when he was young because she and his father got divorced and left him after lecturing him about not coming back for him since his ice cream was dripping all over his clothes). I also wanted to find out why Chairman Kim Moon Gon was so interested in Hye Rim and Soo Hyun.

This drama was kind of annoying because 1. Soo Hyun was stupid for not being true to his feelings and valuing his experiment more than his relationships, 2. Hye Rim’s wishy-washy feelings towards Soo Hyun (I think she probably broke up with him about 3 or 4 times in this drama; she freaks out every time she learns that he is continuing the experiment on her and is going to make her do ridiculous things for him to prove her love for him).

Oh and of course there has to be a love triangle between Soo Hyun, Hye Rim, and Seung Chan; and another mini-love triangle between Ji Ho, Yoo Rim, and Hye Rim. In both cases, Hye Rim saw Seung Chan and Ji Ho as little brothers/kids with a crush on her. Although these love triangles wasn’t really complicated, it did help with the main storyline between Hye Rim and Soo Hyun.

The OST for this drama was alright; it didn’t really catch my attention and I didn’t really feel the need to listen to it on replay.

If you’re a die-hard fan of Han Ye Seul or Sung Joon, then I guess you may like this drama. It can get pretty boring because it just goes back and forth on “if I should quit loving this person or if I should believe that this person can change.”


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  1. I finished watching Madame Antoine a couple days ago too! The story and characters were pretty disappointing. Shame, since I’m a big fan of Sung Joon (loved Shut Up Flower Boy Band!). Hopefully his next work will be better!


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