KDrama Review: Moorim School

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It has finally ended… Moorim School…oh what to say. I started watching this because Lee Hongbin and Lee Hyunwoo was in it. At first I wasn’t really interested in it besides the fact that there are two really good looking leads, but I guess after they entered the school I became more interested. Not going to lie, it’s not the BEST kdrama but it’s also not the WORST either. I did skip a few episodes because it did get boring in the middle somewhere (my little sister filled me in on what happened during those episodes; i believe i skipped episodes 6, 7, 8??). The story line was okay, I did like the bromance between Hongbin and Hyunwoo’s characters. At first I found Hongbin’s character (Wang Chi Ang) annoying because he was always following Seo YeJi’s character (Shim Soon Duk) around, and he was also really needy (basically he acted like an annoying spoiled brat). However, once he became serious I missed the annoying, cheerful character. I felt like even though the storyline was good, it was missing something…the “fighting scenes” (if you call it that) were okay. Although I felt like it lacked something, I enjoyed the friendship and “protecting something you care about” themes (and the bromance ^_^). The ending was good in my opinion because it ended on a good note. Oh yea….what really kept me going while watching this drama was the soundtrack! I LOVE THE OST! If the OST is good I’ll put up with the drama in some cases and this is one of them. My favorite songs from this drama were ALIVE by VIXX, One thing by Lee Hyun Woo, and Addicted by TAKE. Oh yea, I also like how there were non-Korean actors and actresses in this drama (this was the first kdrama I watched that had so many non-Koreans). Anyway, I liked this drama but I wouldn’t watch it again because it was kind of slow for me.