Some of my favorite kpop boy groups

I’ve been into kpop and kdramas for as long as I can remember. I got into kpop around 2002/2003. From my long adventure in the kpop world, I’ve listened and fan-girl over many many groups, especially guy groups. I have had many biases throughout the years and my favorite groups has changed throughout the years as well. Here are some of my favorite boy groups since I became a kpop fan (I’m going to try to list them according to order I was introduced to and the ones I listen to the most; and yes I know there are many other groups but these are the ones I listen to the most):

1. H.O.T.
2. Sechskies
3. Shinhwa
4. Click-B
5. Fly to the sky
6. G.O.D.
7. 1TYM
8. DBSK (when all the members were together until SM)
9. Super Junior
10. Big Bang
11. 2PM
12. Shinee
16. One way
17. VIXX
18. B.A.P.
19. B1A4
21. BTS/bangtan boys
22. GOT7
23. IKON
24. Monsta X
25. DAY6
26. Seventeen
27. HIGH4

My bias groups are: big bang, 2PM, shinhwa, and BTS.

My ultimate bias group is Big Bang because they sparked my interest back into the kpop world after I outgrew DBSK.

Although Big Bang is my ultimate bias group, my ultimate bias kpop guy/group member is Ok Taecyeon from 2PM. This is because he has an extremely nice jawline, he has a unique sense of humor and laugh, and sometimes he reminds me of my boyfriend…

Anyway, hope you all enjoy my little piece of random kpop thoughts….I’ll have a separate post on my favorite girl groups soon.