Kdrama summary: She was Pretty *MAJOR spoiler alert*


Here’s another romantic comedy kdrama…yes I LOVE romantic comedies! But, this kdrama is not too heavily focus on just the romance between the main guy character (Ji Sung-Joon played by Park Seo Joon) and main girl character (Kim Hye Jin played by Hwang Jung Eum). This drama also focuses on friendship, which is why this was one of my favorite dramas from last year. This 16 episode kdrama was funny, cute, and filled with great actors and actresses.

The drama starts off with the main character, Kim Hyejin, needing to find a new job because she did suit her job as a waitress. She’s been working part-time jobs for a while since her father’s publishing company went bankrupt. When she was younger, she was one of the prettiest girl since her mother was so beautiful. As she grew up, her father’s genes started to kick in, making her less pretty (at least that’s how everyone in the drama saw her, I thought she still looked pretty, but that’s probably my bias side speaking). Hyejin lives with her best friend, Min Hari (played by Go Jun Hee). They’ve been best friends since they were young (and apparently their mothers were BFFs too!). Hari’s parents are divorced and her father is pretty well off, so he usually spoils her (her mom left her when she was young and her father got married to another woman). Hari grew up to be extremely pretty and all the guys love her. Hari also work as a hotel manager, a job which her father helped her get. Anyway, Hyejin and Hari are ‘wifeys’ (a term usually used when two best girl friends are ride or die BFFs).


One day Hyejin’s childhood love emailed her about wanting to meet up because he is visiting Korea. Hyejin, who believes in true love and fate, was excited that her chubby, cute first love wants to meet up with her after 15 years of not seeing each other. She wondered if it was ‘meant to be’ and if he still has the same feelings towards her. Hyejin told Hari about her childhood love and how he was like when they were young (Hari doesn’t know him because she moved to Japan and then Hyejin’s childhood love moved into Hari’s old house). Hari was excited for Hyejin, but stated that he may have changed and it was really random of him to suddenly want to meet up with Hyejin after all these years. Nevertheless, Hari wanted Hyejin to meet him since it will bring her happiness.

Side note: Hyejin’s childhood love was Sungjoon. When Sungjoon was a child, he was chubby, shy, and afraid of being in vehicles during rainy days. He lost his mother during a rainy day in a car accident and ever since then he has been afraid of being in in vehicles when it rains. Sungjoon fell for Hyejin when they were young because she comforted him and stood up for him whenever the other kids teased him. She also knew about his phobia.

During the meeting Hyejin realized Sungjoon has become more handsome and she became the ugly-duckling. Sungjoon didn’t recognize her at the place where they planned to meet and walked right by her to greet a random, pretty girl. Hyejin felt embarrassed and did not want to face Sungjoon, so she called Hari and asked her to pretend to be Hyejin and meet him instead. This is where everything went down hill. Hari did not want to go through with the meeting, but she did it anyway for her BFF. She met with Sungjoon and before they were going to say their goodbyes, she told him that this was their last meeting because she was going to go study abroad in Europe. Sungjoon told her to stay in touch and kind of confessed his feelings to her (believing that she was Hyejin). Hari and Hyejin’s plan worked and they believed that they’re never going to see Sungjoon again.

The next day Hyejin received a call from a magazine company for an intern position and they would like her to start working for them. The following day on her way to the company, she literally bumped into Kim Shin-Hyuk (played by Choi Siwon).

Side note: Kim Shin-Hyuk – His character was quite mysterious in this drama. He lives at a hotel (the hotel where Hari works), he drives a motorcycle, he has a strange sense of humor, he jokes around about 99% of the time, and he LOVES to pick on Hyejin. Not to mention he is super sexy. Oh yea, he also developed some kind of strange relationship with Sungjoon…


Hyejin started her internship on the management team, but she was transferred to the editorial team after a day of work (apparently the editorial team needed extra help and since Hyejin was a hard worker she was the perfect fit). She was super bummed to leave the management team because it kept her busy. She had no experience in editorial work or fashion design so she had no idea why she was being transferred to the editorial team. When she started her day working on the editorial team, she recognized Shinhyuk (throughout the majority of the drama everyone refers to him as Reporter Kim) from their previous encountered and suspect that it was his doing. At the same time, the editorial team was also going to be getting a new chief editor, Ji Sungjoon (Surprise, surprise Hyejin! You’ll never be able to escape, that’s why you shouldn’t have lied in the first place). Sungjoon greeted his colleague, but immediately he came off as an uptight jerk. Apparently he is a well-known chief editor for the magazine company from the U.S. branch and was transferred to the Seoul branch.

Side notes: 1. [The reason why he was being transferred to the Seoul branch of the magazine company was because it was doing bad in sales and if he doesn’t fix the sales rate the Seoul branch is going to be shut down; basically, he will lose his job if he doesn’t increase sales, and a lot of workers will become jobless. My guess was he was a big jerk in the U.S. and maybe his higher-ups didn’t really like him so they shipped him off to see if he can succeed in his assignment.]  2. [rumor has it that the president of the company has a son who will become the heir to the company in a few months; the son works on the editorial team; the company president’s last name is Kim and there are 3 people on the editorial team that are Kims: Kim Shinhyuk (Siwon),Kim Poong-Ho (played by  Ahn Se Ha), and Kim Joon Woo (played by Park Yoo Hwan)]

After realizing that the new chief editor was none other than her childhood love, Sungjoon, Hyejin freaked out and called Hari to come up with another plan. Hari was as surprised as Hyejin, and said that she can always tell him that it’s just a coincidence that her name was Kim Hyejin like his childhood love if he ever asks her. Hyejin goes back to work and tries to avoid Sungjoon, but unfortunately was in charged of secretarial duties during meetings and Sungjoon called for a meeting. During the meeting, Hyejin’s lack of knowledge about fashion and magazine editing caused Sungjoon to look down on her. His “first impression” of her was not good because 1. her name was Kim Hyejin, 2. she wasn’t pretty, 3. in his opinion, she isn’t fit for the name Kim Hyejin because the Kim Hyejin he knows is pretty, smart, and confident (which are all the qualities that the adult Hyejin lacks at the moment).


FASTING FORWARD: Sungjoon sees Hari (who he still thinks is Hyejin) confronts her and wants to meet with her more often. Hari has never met a guy as nice as Sungjoon before and starts falling for him even though she knows that he is her BFF’s childhood love. She feels guilty and wants to tell Hyejin on multiple occasions, but due to her greed for attention and love she postpones telling the truth to both Sungjoon and Hyejin. Reporter Kim (aka Shinhyuk) starts developing feelings for the clumsy, cute Hyejin and continues to tease her and make her do things for him and spend time with him. Since Shinhyuk lives at Hari’s workplace, he sees her often especially when she is stressing out. He talks to her and finds out that she is seeing Sungjoon, Sungjoon was her BFF’s childhood love, and that Hari is pretending to be her BFF so that she can see Sungjoon. Eventually Shinhyuk finds out that Hari’s BFF is Hyejin, and he confronts Hari about the situation saying that it will all end badly if she doesn’t tell the truth.


As the story develops, Sungjoon has this almost “hate/love” relationship with Hyejin until he finds out that she is his Hyejin from 15 years ago. Why the hate/love relationship? Because her personality reminds him of the childhood version of his Hyejin and he starts to like her but he is already seeing Hyejin (Hari who is pretending to be Hyejin, lets call her Hyejin2 for now). Sungjoon feels like he is cheating on Hyejin2, but Hyejin2’s personality doesn’t match up with what he remembers from when they were young. Hyejin2 often forgets important details about their childhood and makes up excuses for forgetting them. While the real Hyejin works hard to prove to Sungjoon that she is worthy of becoming a permanent staff. The real Hyejin never once purposely hinted to Sungjoon that they knew each other. Sungjoon starts to have a change of heart with Hyejin2, and was going to tell her his true feelings about their relationship. However, he accidentally found out about Hyejin2’s true identity, which confirmed why he had feelings towards Hyejin.


At this point Hyejin knew that Hari was seeing someone, and also came to discover that the person Hari was seeing was none other than Sungjoon. Hyejin chose friendship over her childhood love, but Sungjoon came running back into her life. Hyejin and Hari’s relationship became somewhat awkward, and they did have an argument which caused Hyejin to stay at her parents’ for a few days, and Hari to finally make amends with her mother (who she haven’t seen for ages). The two girls finally patched up their relationship when Hari was going to leave Seoul to go to Japan with her mother, and Hyejin thought that she was going to leave and never come back. Hyejin freaked out and ran to stop Hari from leaving. They both apologized and Hari ensured Hyejin that she will be returning and they will live together again.


Story goes on… the other editorial team members found out about the situation. Sungjoon stresses out about how to increase sales. Reporter Kim confesses his feelings to Hyejin even though he knows he’s going to get rejected because she like Sungjoon.


The company suffers, we find out which ‘Kim’ from the editorial team is the son of the company (this was a major surprise to me because it wasn’t who I expected). A famous author who goes by the pen name of Ten is the only hope to increase the magazine sales. Sungjoon tries to contact Ten and schedule an interview, but learns who Ten is and didn’t publish the interview. After the company’s situation improved, Hyejin was offered a job as a children’s book author/illustrator (this is what she wanted to be since she was a kid). But she was afraid of losing Sungjoon when they finally got a chance to be together. She proposed to him unexpectedly (this was hilarious). Sungjoon knew that she wanted the job as the children’s book author so he encouraged her to take it and he will wait for her since he has to return to the U.S. to finish some work for the magazine company. He also didn’t want to take her dream away from her and make her regret choosing him over her passion. He told her that they can get marry after later on.

kissPSJandHJE.jpg Hari and Hyejin are back on good terms and they are living their normal BFFs lives. Hari decides to go back to college, and when Hyejin tells her about her new job Hari was excited for her too.

Hyejin and Sungjoon became busy with their jobs and after a few months of being away from each other, Sungjoon surprised Hyejin by suddenly showing up near her new work place. They plan to get marry and live together while Hyejin finishes her books.

The ending to this drama couldn’t be any better. Hari and Sungjoon finally met each other as Hyejin’s best friend and Hyejin’s boyfriend/future-husband. Hari becomes less spoiled and still attracts guys when she goes back to college (this time it was a younger guy, who genuinely likes her). Sungjoon and Hyejin gets married; Hyejin becomes a successful author for children’s books.