Oh My Venus Review **Spoiler alert**


My first review will be over this AWESOME kdrama: Oh My Venus! ****Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen this kdrama yet.

It’s a typical romantic comedy kdrama, and some people may think that it’s ‘too cheesy’ or ‘boring’, but I LOVED it! (Also, my boyfriend loved it and he doesn’t really watch kdramas) Shin MinAh is one of my favorite actress and she’s awesome in romantic comedies. Also, So Ji-Sub is extremely handsome in this kdrama. Not to mention, the supporting actors (Henry Lau, Sung Hoon, Yoo In Young, and Jung Gyu Woon) are also pretty amazing.

The storyline is about a successful lawyer (Shin MinAh’s character – Kang Joo Eun) who is trying to lose weight for health reasons. She was once a beauty queen but since she started her career as a lawyer she became ‘too busy’ to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She also got out of a long-term relationship with her now ex-boyfriend Im WooSik (played by Jung Gyu Woon). Then one day on a business trip abroad she met the handsome, sexy fitness trainer John Kim, aka Kim Young Ho (played by So Ji-Sub). Their first encounter was hilarious because he had to cut her out of her waist training corset (she also took some dieting pills and drank alcohol as a chaser, which caused her to passed out during the flight to the U.S. for her business trip; this is basically the summary of their first meeting). After this faithful encounter, Young-Ho happens to run into Joo Eun whenever she is in need (kind of like her superman). She eventually found out that he was a famous personal trainer for Hollywood stars and asked him to help her lose weight. During the process, as everyone can guess, they fell for each other. And like every other kdrama, Young-Ho happens to be the heir to a big-time company. However, he has a rough past because he was shipped off to the U.S. for “treatment” when he was young. And like every other drama where the main guy is the heir, you need people who don’t approve of his inheritance, in this case, his step-mother’s brother (played by Kim Jung-Tae, BTW his kids are extremely adorable in The Return of Superman).  As the story develops, Young-Ho learns to open up to Joo Eun about his past and learns to rely on her for help. Their relationship is extremely adorable in the drama; I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joo Eun’s dimple kisses! Anyway, like any other romantic themed drama, there were complications/accidents that happened. Joo Eun had to play the patient role in the relationship, while Young-Ho had to stay motivated by his and Joo Eun’s love in order to overcome their obstacle. The ending to this drama was perfect (in my opinion) because it was a happy ending and it did not drag like other endings.

This drama didn’t have a complicated plot where it takes several episodes to resolve a single conflict such as the company-heir issue, or overcoming the main characters’ love-obstacle. Yes, they could elaborate on the conflicts and make things more complicated for the characters, but if they this drama wouldn’t be a ‘romantic comedy’ anymore right? This was one of those dramas where I can watch and not have a strong dislike for one specific character. Also, there’s strong emphasis on revenge or betrayal in this drama (if you don’t count WooSik cheating on Joo Eun with her ex-BFF from college).  Oh yeah, the soundtrack to this drama was awesome as well! I don’t really like to listen to OSTs but I listen to several of the OSTs from this drama on a daily basis.

Anyways, I may have been bias while watching this drama because as I mentioned earlier, Shin MinAh is one of my favorite actress and So Ji-Sub is also one of my favorite actor. This may or may not be the right drama for everyone, especially those who don’t enjoy cheesy movies. However, if you’re just looking for a chill, easy-going, simple, kdrama to watch for laughs, lovey-dovey scenes, and handsome supporting actors then I would recommend giving Oh My Venus a try.

Happy watching!  ^_^